Nov. 12th, 2014

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I've been living in a hotel now for almost a month and a half with a total of four books, some lined paper and colored pencils, and headphones. Needless to say I'm going somewhat crazy. I stumbled across this site and decided that, hey, why not? I'm an aspiring author and need to be imaginative, lest my work gets rusty and dull.
So I ask anyone to prompt me, whether it be for random fanfiction (should I happen to be savvy), or with anything that you can think of. Any and all are welcomed from the horrible to erotic, and everything in between.
Much obliged, to those who choose to participate. ^^

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I had two things.
A fedora and a red bladed katana. And yet that bitch in white keeps telling me I have everything I need. Ingrum is no help and neither is Amalya. What the actual fuck am I doing? I wander aimlessly around my tiny room, my bare feet slapping against tile. The leaky faucet in the kitchen drips against the metal sink, seemingly in time with my heartbeat.
A chill creeps up my spine raising goosebumps. I ignore it, to lost in my own pathetic downward spiral to care what it could mean. Probably my body just telling me to put socks on anyway. I stop at one end of the room and lean my forehead against the cinder block wall, fighting the urge to beat my head against it. I was no closer to finding out the answers I needed than I was when Donte picked me up at that party all those years ago.
A knock on my door made me start and I almost screamed. Reaching for the door handle I noticed that my hand was shaking so badly that I was having a hard time wrapping it around the knob.
So that chill had been a warning. But a warning of what, I had no idea, and now it was on my front stoop.


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